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We are proud to announce our new name - Best S.T.E.P. Forward. We are continuing to work under the umbrella of Calipatria PAL. The acronym S.T.E.P. refers to Sports, Theater, Expression, and Perseverance. We will continue to operate the same programs that we offered under the name of Calipatria PAL since 2018. We have been rapidly expanding to meet the numerous requests that we have received from the community to provide inclusive programs for children of all abilities throughout Imperial Valley.

Best S.T.E.P. Forward hosts events throughout Imperial Valley, from Calipatria in the north to Calexico in the south. In 2018, our program began with only 14 "Goleros" (our soccer league). By 2019, we grew to 32 participants. We believe that we will continue to see ever increasing numbers of participants despite the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on sports in 2020. In October 2019, we introduced Activate Dance Mode Dreamers (ADM) where we practiced dancing. We performed at many events such as the Mini Rodeo, Cattle Call Parade, the Honey Festival and Christmas in the Dark. We ended the season with 45 ADM members participating. ADM also hosted a beautiful Winter Wonderland Ball; a ball that was attended by all of our sponsors and supporters along with our Best S.T.E.P. Forward participants and their families. It was such an amazing sight, seeing all of our children dressed to impress - with the girls wearing beautifully designed dresses with sparkles galore and our young men suited in tuxedos. The children danced a waltz, each with a partner of their choice, from family members to adored therapists.

We believe in having fun while teaching the fundamentals and structure of the programs we are hosting. Our children have shown rapid progress and we dream of continuing to introduce them to what may become a lifelong passion. Our primary goal is to provide an inclusive, neurodiverse, environment that allows us to continue to work with our children who are differently abled and neurodiverse.

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Best S.T.E.P. Foward Team