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Best S.T.E.P. hosts outings throughout Imperial Valley once a month. On these outings we will explore different environments, activities, and places with our children. We will be going hiking, birdwatching, going to the movies, and participating in different sporting events. In December 2019, we visited a San Diego Sockers game with the San Diego Autism Speaks group. This was an event that allowed our children to participate in the "Parade of Champions" with our children representing their hometown by wearing their Goleros jerseys. This was the first public event for many of our children and they did an amazing job. In January 2020, we visited Salvation Mountain and East Jesus and had a lot of fun. Another enjoyable outing was our participation in The Tiny Tot Olympics in Calexico. This was a team effort event during which our littlest program members (ages 2 to 6) had the opportunity to work together to complete obstacle courses and have a great time.